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Rice University is celebrating the Buckyball's 25th Discovery Day with a commemorative celebration and conference.  The pivotal discovery of the buckyball marks the birth of nanoscience and nanotechnology on Rice's Campus.  This discovery resulted in Professors Curl, Kroto and Smalley being awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry .

This celebration and conference will reunite the members of the research team in a special symposium.  Here they will reminsce about the discovery and provide insight into the future of carbon nanotechnology.  Two additional symposia will feature technical presentations from eight of the world's leading experts in carbon nanotechnology.  We invite everyone to come to Rice University for this joyous celebration.

The Smalley Institute greatly appreciates the generosity of Lockheed Martin as the Presenting Sponsor of the October Celebration.

Buckminsterfullerene Discovery Honorees

 Robert F Curl Robert F. Curl
University Professor Emeritus
Kenneth S. Pitzer-Schlumberger Professor of Natural Sciences Emeritus
Professor of Chemistry Emeritus
Rice University
 Sir Harold Kroto Sir Harold Kroto
Francis Eppes Professor
Department of Chemistry
Florida State University
 Richard Smalley Richard E. Smalley (in memoriam)
University Professor
Rice University
 James Heath James Heath
Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology
Sean OBrien 2
Sean O'Brien
Senior Member Technical Staff
Texas Instruments 

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